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· Getting Started with Kafka-Based Microservices using Oracle Event Hub Cloud, Application Container Cloud and Developer Cloud Abhishek Gupta’s article explores how to bootstrap a cluster and topic in Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service, how to use Event Hub binding in Application Container Cloud, and how to configure Oracle Developer Cloud Service to achieve CI/CD to Application Container Cloud. Read the article.

· Podcast: Microservices: Getting Real Panelists Chris Richardson, Adam Bien, Reza Rahman, and Karthik Gaekwad, all session speakers from various Oracle Code events, share their insight on the potential to be gained and the pitfalls to avoid in developing and working with microservices. Listen to the podcast.

· Video: Running WebLogic Applications on Docker using the Oracle Container Cloud Service Software architect Craig Barr shows you how to run a Java WebLogic application within a Docker image, how to test that that locally using Docker Compose, and more. Watch the video.

· Video: Look Who’s Talking: Creating a Great Chatbot User Experience Chatbots represent an enormous opportunity for developers. But while aspects of chatbot development will be quite familiar, there are key differences that will require a shift in thinking. Joe Huang explains. Watch the video.

· Oracle Code Oracle Code is an event for developers building modern Web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud-native applications. The focus is on the latest software developer technologies, practices, and trends, including: Containers, Microservices/APIs, and DevOps; Databases; Open Source Technologies; Development Tools and Low Code Platforms; Machine Learning, Chatbots and AI. Click the link below for the complete schedule. Learn more.

· Oracle OpenWorld 2017It’s back! The big event for those in the Oracle universe returns to San Francisco, October 1-5, 2017. Registration is now open, as is the conference call for speakers. .Learn more.

· JavaOne 2017Be there as JavaOne returns to San Francisco, October 1-5, 2017, featuring hundreds of in-depth technical sessions acrosss eight tracks. Registration is open, and you can now submit your session proposals.Learn more.


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