Developer Platforms: As Diverse As Development Teams by Amit Zavery


Organizations likely have professional developers doing modern and sophisticated coding, using languages from Java to Node.js to Python as the need moves them. And it also probably has users doing drag-and-drop visual app building that we wouldn’t even call coding. Yet everyone’s using the same data sources, and at some point these apps will probably need to connect with one another.

The goal should be to have a cloud platform that can meet all these extremes on the developer spectrum, said Amit Zavery, in a quick-and-interesting interview with O’Reilly Media’s Mike Henderson at the recent Fluent and Velocity conference held in San Jose, California last June, in which Oracle was a Diamond sponsor.

“The platform underneath the covers still remains very much the same,” Zavery said. “So anybody can work on it, but I can provide you different interfaces and different capabilities and different levels to build on those code bases.”

Zavery described how developers are using cloud to build modern web apps while also squeezing value from their legacy, on-premises systems. For brand new applications, they’re using modern techniques — container-based applications, with a Microservices architecture and whatever programming language makes the most sense for that development team. But they’re also looking to lift and shift existing apps onto a cloud infrastructure. Read the complete article here.

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