Tips and tricks for configuring WebLogic Resources on Docker boot by Craig Barr

Posted: February 23, 2018 in Cloud, WebLogic
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TL;DR I will show you that the MedRec sample application for WebLogic can be used for deploying Java artifacts and configuring WebLogic resources on first boot of a WebLogic Docker image. We can do this with a 5 line Dockerfile and a script which customises the WebLogic domain. This example is available to play with on Github at this link.

In previous blogs, we showed how to run WebLogic with Java Applications on Docker both locally and on Oracle Container Cloud Service. We achieved this by extending the official WebLogic image from Oracle Container Registry either directly or by linking up the WebLogic autodeploy directory from another container to deploy our applications.

In this article we are going to:

· Discuss what the official WebLogic image does on first-boot followed by options for configuring custom WebLogic resources in a WebLogic Docker Container at the first-boot stage.

· Show an end-to-end example of Application Deployment and WebLogic Configuration using the MedRec Sample Application running on WebLogic in a Docker container

· Discuss the drawbacks of data that is managed outside of containers. We will show that we can specifically seed the data for the MedRec application outside Docker and discuss how it could be improved to better suit the Docker deployment models. Read the complete article here.


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