Hardcore Container Debugging by: Vish Abrams


You’ve read a bunch of online tutorials and you’ve managed to containerize your application. You have even exposed a port so you can reach the application from the outside world, but when you connect, you’re greeted with an error page: "Cannot connect to the database". It’s time to start debugging! Below you will find some methods for debugging containers, as well as some information about the crashcart tool we have developed at Oracle to make debugging easier.

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Debugging Strategies

Containers can be a challenge to debug, especially when you are a little fuzzy on exactly what a container is and how it works. Some people treat containers like miniature vms, and go so far as to run an ssh daemon inside their container so that they can login when things go crazy. Others stick a bunch of useful tools inside their container and use `docker exec` to get a shell inside their container. But for those of us with slightly-more-sane operational practices, what do we do when things go wrong? Read the complete article here.

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