Using Developer Cloud for CI/CD of a Java app built with Application Container Cloud & Database Cloud by Abhishek Gupta


This blog covers CI/CD for a Java application deployed on Oracle Application Container Cloud which uses Oracle Database Cloud via its declarative Service Binding feature

  • We will focus on setting up and configuring Oracle Developer Cloud Service to achieve end-to-end DevOps and specifically look at
    • Continuous Deployment to Application Container Cloud
    • Using Oracle Maven repository from Developer Cloud Service
  • The scenario depicted here will be used as a reference

Quick background

Here is an overview

  • APIs used: The application leverages JPA (DB persistence) and JAX-RS (for REST) APIs
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service: The client (web browser/curl etc) invokes a HTTP(s) URL (GET request) which internally calls the JAX-RS resource, which in turn invokes the JPA (persistence) layer to communicate with Oracle Database Cloud instance
  • Application Container Cloud Service bindings in action: Connectivity to the Oracle Database Cloud instance is achieved with the help of a service binding which exposes database connectivity details as environment variables which are then within the code

For more details you can refer to the following sections from one of my previous blogs – About the sample and Service Bindings concept

Using Oracle Maven within Oracle Developer Cloud

The instructions in the previous blog included a manual step to seed the Oracle JDBC driver (ojdbc7.jar) into the local Maven local repository. In this blog however, we will see leverage Oracle Maven repository (one time registration required for access) for the same. Developers generally need to go through a bunch of steps to before starting to use the Oracle Maven repo (e.g. configuring Maven settings.xml etc.), but Oracle Developer Cloud service handles all this internally! All you need to do is provide your repository credentials along with any customizations if needed. More on this in upcoming section

Here is snippet from the pom.xml which highlights the usage of the Oracle Maven repository. Read the complete article here.

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