Adding a Cross Instance, Cross Restarts and Cross Application Cache to Node Applications on Oracle Application Container Cloud by Lucas Jellema


In a previous post I described how to do Continuous Integration & Delivery from Oracle Developer Cloud to Oracle Application Container Cloud on simple Node applications: Automating Build and Deployment of Node application in Oracle Developer Cloud to Application Container Cloud. In this post, I am going to extend that very simple application with the functionality to count requests. With every HTTP request to the application, a counter is incremented and the current counter value is returned in the response.

The initial implementation is a very naïve one: the Node application contains a global variable that is increased for each request that is handled. This is naïve because:

  • multiple instances are running concurrently and each is keeping its own count; because of load balancing, the subsequent requests are handled by various instances and the responses will show a somewhat irregular request counter pattern; the total number of requests is not known: each instance as a subtotal for that instance
  • when the application is restarted – or even a single instance is restarted or added – the request counter for each instance involved is reset

Additionally, the request count value is not available outside the Node application and it can only be retrieved by calling the application -which in turn increases the count.

A much better implementation would be one that uses a cache – that is shared by the application instances and that survives application (instance) restarts. This would also potentially make the request count value available to other microservices that can access the same cache – if we allow that to happen. Read the complete article here.


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