Things that you should know about new open source serverless platform: Fn by Denis Makogon

Posted: July 4, 2018 in Cloud, WebLogic
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If you haven’t read my previous article “Demystifying Serverless Compute Manifesto”, i’d better go for it! Okay, Fn Project is a new star in serverless world open sourced by Oracle and made by the same team that started IronFunctions. Let’s be very skeptical here — is it a real serverless?

Demystifying Fn

At this particular moment i really want to see how it addresses all concepts of serverless (again, this is my own opinion):

  • functions are the unit of deployment and scaling — indeed, Fn defines two key resource types: app and route, where app is a placeholder for routes and each route represents a function.
  • underlying serverless infrastructure is not in control of users — Fn works on top of Docker and, so Fn is actually a FaaS (functions-as-a-service) and the user is capable of talking only to its API, but not underlying infrastructure.
  • function’s runtime is stateless — for each function Fn spins up a container, once the function is done the container is destroyed.
  • function scales with respect to number of requests. It can go hot (N requests to one function) or cold (one request — one function) — well, this is where Fn addresses cold and hot concepts in full, even more, hot mode allows to talk to a functions in two ways: HTTP and JSON. Read the complete article here.

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