Continuous Delivery of ADF applications with WebLogic Shared Libraries by Eugene Fedorenko


There is a pretty popular architecture pattern when ADF applications are built on top of shared libraries. So the main application is being deployed as an EAR and all subsystems are implemented within shared libraries that can be independently built and deployed to WebLogic as JARs in "hot" mode without downtime. The advantages of this approach seem to be obvious:

· It decomposes the application implementing the concepts of modularization and reuse

· CI/CD process might be much faster as only one library is going to be rebuilt/redeployed

· There is no downtime while redeploying a shared library

It looks so cool that people choose this architecture pattern for their new projects and they are pretty happy with the decision they made while implementing the application. They get even happier when they go live to production as they can easily fix most of the bugs and implement new requirements avoiding full redeployment and without any downtime.

Definitely, before getting to production any change (and therefore a corresponding shared library) should be deployed and tested at the previous environments such as QA, UAT, etc.

In a while nobody knows exactly what versions of shared libraries are deployed at each environment. It’s getting a bit tricky to support the application and implement new changes in this situation as even though it works on this environment there is no guarantee it’s going to work on the next one as the combination of shared libraries could be different. If it is a big application and there are many shared libraries, this might become a nightmare and pretty often people just give up getting back to full redeployment of everything and eventually to a monolith EAR. It’s not that cool, but at least they can sleep again now. Read the complete article here.


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