Building Oracle JET CRUD Applications Interacting with an Oracle Database Learn to build an Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) CRUD application that interacts with Oracle Database via Oracle REST Data Services by Yuli Vasiliev


As the name implies, a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application is supposed to not only access the underlying data, but also to allow the user to perform the entire set of operations to manipulate that data, including create, update, and delete operations.

This article illustrates how you can build a CRUD application that supports both data access and data manipulation operations. To build the article sample, you will use Oracle JET, Oracle Database, Oracle REST Data Services, and Oracle SQL Developer.

What You Will Learn

This article provides an example to bring together the software components outlined above in order to build an Oracle JET CRUD application interacting with a dataset in Oracle Database. In particular, you’ll walk through a set of step-by-step instructions, showing you how to

Prepare a dataset in the underlying database to be used in an Oracle JET application

Configure Oracle REST Data Services to turn an Oracle Database instance into a RESTful API service.

Test an Oracle REST Data Services service’s endpoints from the command line using the cURL tool

Build an Oracle JET application that interacts with an Oracle Database instance via an Oracle REST Data Services RESTful service.

Perform insert, update, and delete operations in an Oracle JET application against data stored in the underlying database

The quickest way to implement the tasks above is to take advantage of an existing Oracle JET application, modifying its functionality as needed. So, the example application discussed in the rest of this article is based on the OracleJET-CommonModel-CRUD sample covered in detail in the "Creating a CRUD Application Using Oracle JET" section of the JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) Developing Applications with Oracle JET guide.

The key point is that the OracleJET-CommonModel-CRUD sample supports every type of CRUD operation, and it includes a mock REST server that simulates (mocks) a RESTful service. So, by using this sample as the starting point for another demo CRUD application, you get a ready-to-use view, and you need to make some minor changes to the viewModel to make it work with a real RESTful service. Read the complete article here.


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