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· Building Natural Interaction Using Chatbots Phil Gordon, CEO & founder of, explains why chatbots are the “next big thing.”

· PACT for Cloud Platform community is available for Oracle employees and for partners. Its goal is to be a “single-stop Partner Enablement shop” providing access to: key enablement people : Oracle Partner Enablement Coaches and Solutions Champions & key information about training and certification about Oracle Cloud Platform services.

· Three Advances Finally Making Software Self-Healing and Self-Managing Advance #1: As developers write and deploy code on a cloud platform, the platform automatically generates and delivers relevant activity and environment insights, without a separate effort. The next advances.

· Machine Learning: The New Must-Have for IT Security Using the vast amount of data it has accumulated through monitoring and securing technology in on-premises and cloud IT environments, Oracle has created purpose-built management and security services in Oracle Cloud. So as the algorithms learn and improve, the benefits immediately become available to every customer.

· Blockchain’s Promise and Potential for Fintech The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a global cooperative that provides secure financial messaging services, is working on a blockchain-based global payment initiative for global financial transfers. The platform’s blockchain technology provides instant international bank transfers and automatic compliance. Other benefits.

· Strengthening Support for Start-Ups A year ago, Oracle announced a global expansion of its Startup Cloud Accelerator program, and it has recruited five to six startups in each new location. “One of the things I think we got right was varying and adapting the program based on its location, and you’ll see us continue with that strategy,” says Reggie Bradford, Oracle’s senior vice president of Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator. What’s next for the program?

· Tech Trends That Made a Difference in 2017 The idea of shifting workloads en masse to the cloud has become mainstream. “For the first time, in 2017, I worked on projects where large, multinational companies give up their own data center and move 100% to the cloud,” says Frank Munz, of Munz & More. What other trends did technologists spot?

· City of San Jose Launches Smart City App “We’re looking to make San Jose the most innovative city in the world,” says CIO Rob Lloyd. Thanks to the My San Jose application, powered by Oracle Cloud, citizens are now better connected with their government. How it works.

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