Fn Function to build an Oracle ADF application By Eugene Fedorenko


In one of my previous posts I described how to create a Docker container serving as a builder machine for ADF applications. Here I am going to show how to use this container as a function on Fn platform.
First of all let’s update the container so that it meets requirements of a function, meaning that it can be invoked as a runnable binary accepting some arguments. In an empty folder I have created a Dockerfile (just a simple text file with this name) with the following content:

FROM efedorenko/adfbuilder

ENTRYPOINT ["xargs","mvn","package","-DoracleHome=/opt/Oracle_Home","-f"]

This file contains instructions for Docker on how to create a new Docker image out of existing one (efedorenko/adfbuilder from the previous post) and specifies an entry point, so that a container knows what to do once it has been initiated by the Docker run command. In this case whenever we run a container it executes Maven package goal for the pom file with the name fetched from stdin. This is important as Fn platform uses stdin/stdout for functions input/output as a standard approach. In the same folder let’s execute a command to build a new Docker image (fn_adfbuilder) out of our Docker file: Read the complete article here.


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