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· A Simple Guide to Oracle Intelligent Bots Error Handling As in any software development, building chatbots is subject to Murphy’s Law. Areas such as conversation flow and backend system integration are likely to be subject to bugs and errors. But even in chatbots, bugs and errors can be fixed. Frank Nimphius explains in this concise article. Read the article.

· Using Content and Experience Cloud with your Oracle Intelligent Bots Chatbot The sample explained in this article is a variant of a FAQ service. The user can ask the chatbot various FAQ-type questions and the bot answers with the FAQ content. The code and configuration snippets provided give you an overview of how to integrate Content and Experience Cloud and Intelligent Bots. Read the article.

· Video: Building Reliable Serverless Apps with the Saga Pattern and Fn Flow Fault handling and reliability can be challenging in a serverless environment. In this Oracle Code Online session video, Thom Leggett shows you how to build a fault-tolerant serverless app on the Fn platform, using the Fn Flow system to apply the saga pattern. Watch the video.

· Video: There’s No Such Thing as Serverless What does the term "serverless" really mean? Oracle ACE Director and Developer Champion Lucas Jellema devotes this 2 Minute Tech Tip to exploring serverless, FN, and the crucial role they will play in the future of IT. Watch the video.

· Announcing Offline Persistence Toolkit for JavaScript Client Applications Oracle is excited to announce the open source release on GitHub of the offline-persistence-toolkit for JavaScript client applications, developed by the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) team. Read the article.

· Announcing Mobile Authentication Plugin for Apache Cordova, and More! Now available as open source on GitHub, this plugin provides a simple JavaScript API for performing complex authentication, powered by a native SDK developed by the Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social (OAMMS) team. Read the article.

· New Release of Node.js Module for Oracle Database: node-oracledb 2.0 is out You can now get pre-built binaries with all the required dependencies to connect your Node.js applications to an Oracle Database instance. Node-oracledb 2.0.15, the Node.js add-on for Oracle Database, is now availabel from NPM for general use. Read the article.

· Coming to Your Town: Oracle Code 2018 The 2018 Oracle Code event series kicks off in Los Angeles on February 27, then makes its way to cities throughout the US and around the world. Sign up now to be notified when registration opens for your town, and learn how you can submit session proposals. Get more information

· Proposed for March 20th, 2018, JDK 10 will improve type inference, G1 garbage collector, heap allocation, JIT compiler and more. You can download the Early Access build today and provide feedback.

· Java SE 8 and Java Web Start Announcing the extension of Oracle Java SE 8 Public Updates and Java Web Start support

· What’s new in JDK 9?  Check out the modular system and improvements to the Java SE Platform

· Quick introduction to JSON-P in Java EE

· Docker through the eyes of a Java developer

· An Introduction to the Fn Project

· Automate Your CI/CD Workflows with Developer Cloud Service

· Serverless Java with Java Function Developer Kit (FDK)

· Infographic: Ten Insights About Moving to Cloud

· Let’s Have a Chat…About Chatbots
A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users. They’re important because many people prefer text messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. With chatbots, people can use natural language and get a consistent experience across multiple devices and channels—and AI helps enterprises use chatbots to automate conversations at scale.

· Why Oracle’s Cloud-Native Stack Is Fueling Innovation
Innovation thrives when technology can be shared and modified. Oracle designed its cloud-native application stack with that in mind—open elements at every layer from containers to orchestration. And one of the newest pieces, serverless development, further reinforces that commitment.

· Digital Disruption Drill: Five Insights from Execs
At the recent Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience conference, a range of business leaders offered advice to companies whose business processes, applications, and cultures are mired in a bygone era. Here are their best insights covering everything from leveling the tech playing field to creating a culture of change.

· What Developers Are Asking About Serverless Computing
One of the hottest development trends, serverless computing, is about writing logic without thinking about the plumbing underneath. You get as much computing as a service as you want and pay only to the millisecond. But developers have some key questions, which they aired at a recent Developer Week event.

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