Displaying the Top 3 Runner-Up Intents in case of Unresolved Intent Resolution by: Frank Nimphius


In an earlier TechExchange sample from November 2017 titled "Strategy for Handling Unresolved Intent Resolutions So Users Remain Unstuck" we demonstrated a technique to display a list of intents that got resolved with more than 0% confidence in cases where intent resolution did not succeed passing the confidence threshold set on the System.Intent component.

With the current version of Oracle Intelligent Bots there exists another option to handle the very same use case. In addition, it turned out that customer usually only want to display a specific set of "runner-up" intents as options in a list.

This article is a revised version of the previous publication showcasing an implementation that displays the top-3 intents for an otherwise unresolved intent resolution. If there are no 3 intents to display then the solution shows as many as possible. And if there is no intent that gets resolved to above 0% then a single help item is shown for the user to find the help she may need.

The solution uses the Common Response Component (CR component) for displaying the list along with Apache FreeMarker expressions to conditionally render list items and to sort the list of intents so the top three really have the highest confidence scores.

And there is more for you to learn. Intent names usually don’t make good names to display in a list of values. This sample shows you how the intent names can be used as a key in a resource bundle that allows you to display user-friendly list option labels and to internationalize the solution.

The figure below shows the solution in the Oracle Intelligent Bots tester. As you will learn by reading the full article and by trying the sample bot, the list shows two resolved intents plus a help option that is always shown (but that can be changed to show conditionally as well). Read the complete article here.


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