Building Complex Bot Responses with Ease Learn to love the common response component and render complex and composite responses by Frank Nimphius


The Oracle Intelligent Bots feature of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise uses built-in components to render bot responses in a dialogue flow. Being component-based is an advantage Oracle Intelligent Bots has over its competitors, because it enables bot designers to easily build bot conversations with no code.

The common response (CR) component is a relatively new component in Oracle Intelligent Bots that can render arbitrary complex and composite responses, thus making it even less likely that you’ll need to write code.

About the Common Response Component

With the rise of chatbots, messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WeChat have become the equivalent of operating systems in client/server computing. Also like operating systems, whereas all messaging channels do the same things, they differ in the UI they can render, the functionality they support, and the message structure—the payload—they require.

The CR component, like the Oracle Intelligent Bots list and text components, is built on top of a new channel-agnostic message model in Oracle Intelligent Bots that abstracts the channel specifics from component developers. For component developers, this new message model means that they can worry less and be more productive.

For more concept and reference information on the CR component, refer to the documentation.

About the Hands-On Instructions

Following the hands-on instructions in this article, you will learn how to use the CR component to build a visually rich select list. To follow the hands-on instructions, you need access to Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, which is available as a free trial.

The starter bot for this article simulates a pizza ordering service. Users can order pizzas by typing, “I like to order a pizza” or “I like to order a pizza supreme.” In the latter case, because the type of pizza is included in the user sentence already, no pizza menu from which the user can select a pizza type is displayed. Similarly, a user may type, “can I see the menu?” for the bot to display a list of pizzas the user can order. Read the complete article here.

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