Adding New Oracle JET UI Component to Visual Builder Cloud Service by: Shay Shmeltzer


Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is an extendable platform – you can add your own UI components to the list of around 70 UI components that already show up in the component palette of your visual editor.

In this blog and video we show you two ways to add additional Oracle JET components to the editor.

In the first part of the video we show how to add a "core" Oracle JET components, specifically the train component. In the second part of the video (starting at minute 9) we show you how to add an Oracle JET Composite Component.

For the core component, the main thing to know is that you also need to add the component to the json file that describes your page. This way VBCS will know to load this component into your pages. (This is needed since VBCS is optimized to only load needed resources – leveraging require.js for smart resource management). Read the complete article here.


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