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· Revolutionary Voice Interface Larry Ellison demonstrated at Oracle OpenWorld how voice and text interfaces will change how we get information from cloud-based business applications. The Oracle executive chairman and CTO showed the new Oracle Digital Assistant technology, which lets companies build conversational interfaces to pull answers from any enterprise system, such as operating data and employee calendars. Ellison had some fun on stage showing how it’s done, submitting a $418 dinner for two at Nobu Palo Alto as a business expense, via a Slack interface. The app rejected it as too pricey. “And now I have zero chance of seeing any of that money,” Ellison chuckled, “but at least I didn’t waste a lot of time submitting the stupid expense report.” More Ellison insights

· Five Myths About How Java Is Changing Myth #1: Every feature release will be as disruptive as past releases. Fact: “No, that’s not true,” explained Mark Reinhold, Oracle’s chief architect of the Java platform, during his keynote at Oracle Code One. “The rate of innovation hasn’t changed. What’s changed is the rate of innovation delivery.” What’s the next myth on his list?

· Blockchain: Beyond the Hype with a Developer November 15 | online

· Larry Ellison: Four Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld What’s the future of the Internet of Things and edge computing? Look at agriculture, said Oracle’s Larry Ellison, who owns a company that builds robotic greenhouses. Edge computers collect and send data from the greenhouses in near real time, so farmers can grow food with one-tenth the water used conventionally outdoors, “and we think we can make another order-of-magnitude improvement,” Ellison added. Three more highlights.

· Podcast: DevOps to NoOps: State of Play: What forces are having the greatest impact on the evolution and adoption of DevOps? Is NoOps a valid prospect for the future? Listen as DevOps experts Davide Fiorentino, Michael Hutterman, and Bert Jan Schrijver cover the angles.

· Trisha Gee on Emerging Languages, Boilerplate Code, and Diversity: Java Champion Trisha Gee discusses emerging languages, boilerplate code, and diversity in this preview of the sessions she will present at Oracle Code One.

· Chris Richardson on Developing Asynchronous, Message-Driven Microservices: Microservices guru Chris Richardson talks about his work, his new book Microservices Patterns (2018, Manning), and his Oracle Code One the session he will deliver at Oracle Code One.

· Real Microservices with Java EE

· Generic Docker Container Image for Running and Reloading a Node Application Based on a GitHub Repo

· Cross-Region High Availability with Oracle Kubernetes Engine

· Quick-Tip: Creating an Default Error Handler in Oracle Digital Assistant

· Oracle Bots Node.js SDK: Building Webhook Clients for Oracle Intelligent Bots Made Easy

Microservices From Dev To Deploy, Part 1: Getting Started With Helidon


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