Comparing JVM performance; Zulu OpenJDK, OpenJDK, Oracle JDK, GraalVM CE by Maarten Smeets


There are many different choices for a JVM for your Java application. Which would be the best to use? This depends on various factors. Performance being an important one. Solid performance research however is difficult. In this blog I’ll describe a setup I created to perform tests on different JVMs at the same time. I also looked at the effect of resource isolation (assigning specific CPUs and memory to the process). This effect was negligible. My test application consisted of a reactive (non-blocking) Spring Boot REST application and I’ve used Prometheus to poll the JVMs and Grafana for visualization. Below is an image of the used setup. Everything was running in Docker containers except SoapUI.

Isolated measures

How can you be sure there is not something interfering with your measures? Of course you can’t be absolutely sure but you can try and isolate resources assigned to processes. For example assign a dedicated CPU and a fixed amount of memory. I also did several tests which put resource constraints on the load generating software, monitoring software and visualization software (assign different CPUs and memory to those resources). Assigning specific resources to the processes (using docker-compose v2 cpuset and memory parameters) did not seem to greatly influence the measures of individual process load and response times. I also compared startup, under load and without load situations. The findings did not change under these different circumstances. Read the complete article here.

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