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· APIs and Microservices at Work in the Real World : Luis Weir (Capgemini) and Wes Davies (Co-op Group) discuss microservices, API management, and the technical aspects of their work on the project that won one of this year’s Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation awards

· Podcast DevOps to NoOps : State of Play What forces are having the greatest impact on the evolution and adoption of DevOps? Is NoOps a valid prospect for the future? Listen as DevOps experts Davide Fiorentino, Michael Hutterman, and Bert Jan Schrijver cover the angles

· Trisha Gee on Emerging Languages, Boilerplate Code, and Diversity: Java Champion Trisha Gee discusses emerging languages, boilerplate code, and diversity in this preview of the sessions she will present at Oracle Code One.

· Chris Richardson on Developing Asynchronous, Message-Driven Microservices: Microservices guru Chris Richardson talks about his work, his new book Microservices Patterns (2018, Manning), and his Oracle Code One the session he will deliver at Oracle Code One.

· Real Microservices with Java EE

· Generic Docker Container Image for Running and Reloading a Node Application Based on a GitHub Repo

· Cross-Region High Availability with Oracle Kubernetes Engine

· Quick-Tip: Creating an Default Error Handler in Oracle Digital Assistant

· Oracle Bots Node.js SDK: Building Webhook Clients for Oracle Intelligent Bots Made Easy

· Microservices From Dev To Deploy, Part 1: Getting Started With Helidon

· New Mexico College Deploys Blockchain for Digital Diplomas Central New Mexico Community College graduates earn beautiful paper diplomas covered in fine calligraphy, colorful seals, and official signatures. This summer they also got the same information authenticated and recorded in blockchain technology. The point? Prospective employers and other authorized users can verify whether a diploma and its details, such as the year, degree, and honors, match a student’s claims.

· Tech Dive: Microservices from Development to Deployment How can Oracle technologies help your development team implement an environment that makes it easy to deploy, maintain, test, and scale your microservice applications? Read part 1 of Oracle Cloud Development Advocate Todd Sharp’s blog series: Getting Started with Helidon.

· Dev Challenges and Evolving Microservice Architecture at Netflix. Java Champion Paul Bakker, senior software engineer at Netflix, talks about the unique challenges that face Netflix’s army of developers, and about how that company’s microservice architecture has evolved

· Authorize Access to Oracle Fusion Cloud Application API’s with OAuth Tokens

· Machine Learning : Getting the Data Into Shape

· Less is More: Improving Performance by Reducing REST Calls

· New in Developer Cloud: Fn Support and Wercker Integration

· Don’t Worry, It’s Still Free: Mark Reinhold Dispels 5 Myths About HowJava Is Changing


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