Oracle Functions by Shaun Smith


At KubeCon in Seattle, Oracle announced Oracle Functions, a new cloud service that enables enterprises to build and run serverless applications in the cloud.

Oracle Functions is a serverless platform that makes it easy for developers to write and deploy code without having to worry about provisioning or managing compute and network infrastructure. Oracle Functions manages all the underlying infrastructure automatically and scales it elastically to service incoming requests. With Oracle Functions, developers can focus on writing code that delivers business value.


Serverless functions change the economic model of cloud computing. Customers are charged only for the resources used while a function is running. There’s no charge for idle time! This approach is different from the traditional one of deploying code to a user provisioned and managed virtual machine or container that is typically running 24×7 and which must be paid for even when it’s idle. Pay-per-use makes Oracle Functions an ideal platform for intermittent workloads or workloads with spiky usage patterns.

Open Source

Open source has changed the way that businesses, including Oracle, build software. Rather than building yet another proprietary cloud functions platform, Oracle chose to invest in the Apache 2.0 licensed open source Fn Project and build Oracle Functions on Fn. With this approach, code written for Oracle Functions will run on any Fn server. Functions can be deployed to Oracle Functions or to a customer managed Fn cluster on-premises or even on another cloud platform.

That said, the advantage of Oracle Functions is that it’s a serverless offering, which eliminates the need for customers to manually manage an Fn cluster or the underlying compute infrastructure. But thanks to open source Fn, customers always have the choice to deploy their functions to whatever platform offers the best price and performance. We’re confident that platform will be Oracle Functions.

Container Native

Unlike most other functions platforms, Oracle Functions is container native with functions packaged as Docker container images. This approach supports a highly productive developer experience for new users while enabling power users to fully customize their function runtime environment, including installing any required native libraries. The broad Docker ecosystem, and the flexibility that it offers, lets developers focus on solving business problems and not on figuring out how to hack around restrictions frequently encountered on proprietary cloud function platforms. Read the complete article here.


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