Digital Assistant success story by SPS

imageSPS is a Mexican company based in Mexico City, this year we were awarded by Oracle as Partner of the Year in Latin America and Worldwide in Emerging Technologies for the implementation of a digital assistant, using oracle technologies. The solution was designed to support PROFUTURO’s customer service, a private financial institution focused on the generation of funds for the retirement of Mexican workers who hire their services.

PROFUTURO enabled a new digital communication channel for its customers in the face of a growing demand for its services, taking advantage of the use of technology, to ensure better quality, faster times and responsiveness in customer service.

Achieving with it reduce the waiting time of attention to its users, in addition to allowing them to enable the capacity of self-service, for some of their most requested operations.

Use case.

PROFUTURO is in a process of digital transformation and an important objective on this process was offering new customer attention channels and producing better experiences for their users. Their business is the management of retirement pensions. Their customers usually have financial doubts about contributions or retirement plans that can only be resolved by qualified personnel with specialized knowledge of the business.

In addition, customers usually ask for information about their balance account and due dates, so they need to call to an agent who verify their identities and search information using his IT solutions.

Previously, customers had to wait around 4 minutes to be attended at the call center with an average service time of 12 minutes because PROFUTURO has a limited number of specialized personnel for this task. In addition, your team only works during business hours and is not available to respond at all times of the day.

In this context, PROFUTURO decided to take advantage of the emerging technology of chatbots to improve customer service by offering a new communication channel that responds immediately to their questions at any time of the day.

To achieve this goal, SPS built a digital assistant and trained it using the knowledge of the PROFUTURO specialized staff. Now, this intelligent chatbot helps customers in a timely manner.


To create new successful digital products requires the application of other disciplines such as UX and Design Thinking. SPS applies these principles in all its projects, SPS supported PROFUTURO from the process of discovering innovation to the final implementation of the product.

In addition, our company has experience in the use of ORACLE technology on business projects, so we were able to offer PROFUTURO the best practices in the implementation of chatbots technology. The appropriate application of the technology and the user-centered design allowed the successful implementation of PROFUTURO digital assistant.

The implemented solution consists of a digital assistant with personality, PROFUTURO decided to create a character as part of its commercial strategy, to give the public a friendly and reliable face that would represent in turn the expertise and professionalism that characterizes its business, with the ability to answer initially 224 frequent questions and 6 transactional operations that make use of 11 rest services, it has the ability to understand colloquial user language and guide them through the flow of interactions on the way that the user can achieve an operation, ensuring a good user experience. To carry out the operations, a two-step verification security layer was added, which allows the user, in addition to security, the ability to perform operations such as checking balances, account statements, modifying personal information, generating a portfolio of clients and presenting complaints or suggestions about the service received in the branches. Transactional operations are connected to our on-premise infrastructure services, through rest services with adequate security to do this.

As results of the implementation of the Digital Assistant PROFUTURO sees these positive outcomes:

§ They added a new and fresh customer communication channel, which helps customers regardless date or time, quickly and effectively, which means a positive experience for their customers and adds value to PROFUTURO business.

§ Customers can quickly get answers to the most common questions. If the Digital Assistant does not have the answer, he transfers the conversation to a human agent and this at the end of the user’s attention generates feedback to the Chatbot which allows them to continue nourishing knowledge to their digital assistant.

§ Due to the chatbot support, the PROFUTURE call center reduces the workload which allows its specialists to focus on attention to issues that require more time and sensitivity.

§ Customers get a direct contact with PROFUTURO to report claims or suggestions even they can get custom information about their balance and due dates in a self-service way.

§ They added to their workforce a digital worker in the human care team (111 people). Currently, chatbot attends more than 5,500 interactions per day.

As a result of this implementation, SPS has been recognized and awarded by Oracle as Partner of the Year in Latin America and Worldwide in Emerging Technologies, given the positive impact and results obtained for our client, which for us means great honor and achievement, in addition to give us the opportunity to continue demonstrating our commitment to innovation and digital transformation. We want to become the most advanced Oracle Digital Assistant implementer in Latin America, in addition to continue being leaders in other oracle technologies.


The technological stack that was used to address this problem included two Oracle solutions:

Oracle Digital Assistant. – The heart of the solution, we take advantage of the facility to build complex dialogue flows, to cover the needs that the business processes mean, guiding the user through them in a safe, intuitive and simple way.

Oracle Mobile Hub. – The brain of the operation, we take advantage of its integration with digital assistant and security to connect with the customer services that together with the dialogue allow its users to perform operations and complete tasks that were previously only possible through branches.

Next Steps.

In the coming months a new release of the Alba Chatbot (PROFUTURO Digital Assistant) will be published, considering the results of the latest usability tests with customers and impressions, they plan to add more transactional operations that allow them to offer greater self-service capacity to their customers. Also, they plan to create a new internal bot for resolving doubts and procedures in the Human Resources area, given that they observe the advantages and qualities that this type of technology can offer.

Why SPS believes this solution is better than other alternatives in the market?

Digital assistant is a product that was born focused on the business sector, despite there are other tools in the market that seek to offer a natural language processing engine, digital assistant owns the Oracle experience factor creating business tools.

By having tools and modules designed for the needs of the user, metrics modules, data analysis, feedback and implementation tips, which helps users without a technical profile can support and maintain the learning necessary for the success of the Chatbot.

Something that we consider is a great differentiator with respect to other products is the ability to build the dialog flow, Digital assistant through its skills allows to do it in a more understandable and clear way, this provides the ability to expand the capacity of the solution in an organized and similar way, in addition to the simplicity of the existing native integrations to the most popular messaging services and their ease to achieve it.

The support of having a broad and clear documentation and having the support of the development and support team of Oracle, allowed us to fully exploit the capabilities of the tool. In addition, ORACLE offers capacities and support that no other solution in the market offers. For more information about SPS please visit the website here.

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