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· Parlez-Vous Français? Your Bot Does. In case you were hoping, artificial intelligence alone does not build you a multilanguage bot. Multilanguage support needs to be implemented by design with tools and best practices. Need help? Here are hands-on instructions for using the Oracle Intelligent Bots feature of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise to build an internationalized pizza bot.

· How Turkey’s Leading Car Maker Went Mobile To provide better customer experience, executives at Turkey’s Renault-MAIS decided to develop mobile applications, beginning with roadside service. According to CIO Oguzhan Yildiz, moving to the cloud provides “the capabilities we need in order to integrate our various back-end services and databases to enable the kinds of mobile applications we want to build,” including apps to modernize order management and human resources. What did his IT team learn?

· JDK 12 Early Access New JEPs have been added to the JDK 12 Early Access build. Download it, try it out, and give us your feedback.

· Early Access Builds You can download and test OpenJFX, project Panama, project Valhalla, & JDK Mission Control 7

· Your Guide to Getting Started With Java Certification The blog explains how to get certified in Java from the training required and the exam practice to getting your certification

· Share Your Feedback on any Oracle Product! Leave constructive peer-to-peer feedback as an Oracle product user. Oracle values its customers and would love to hear what you have to say

· Develop & Deploy Next Generation Technology with Oracle Java Training . Gain an early advantage with our recently released Java SE: Programming I course

· Testing Java Microservices

· The Future of JavaFX

· Overview of the MicroProfile Rest Client

· Why Practice Test-Driven Development?

· How to Iterate the Keys and Values of a Map via the Java Stream API

· Next-Gen Chatbots Will Change Business In the future, many customer service tasks will be handled by bots, but new roles for humans—such as “bot boss”—will be invented and critical to corporate success, says Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, who predicts that some 60% of IT jobs in 2025 haven’t even been invented yet. Two more specific ways Oracle Digital Assistant, which was launched last month to help companies build and use these next-generation interfaces, will change your work life.

· Deploy Containers on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes Using Developer Cloud

· Building Custom Component Services for Oracle Digital Assistant in Under 5 Minutes with Oracle Bots Node.js SDK

· Oracle JET UI on Top of Oracle ADF With Visual Builder

Developer Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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