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image· 50 Shades of Data: Big, Relational, NoSQL, Elastic, Graph, Event Data has been and will be the key ingredient to enterprise IT. But the nature, scope, and volume of data and its place in the IT architecture is changing. Lucas Jellema makes sense of those changes in this presentation from Oracle Code One 2018

· What Java Developers Must Know About Cloud
Developers writing cloud apps need to think differently, says Graeme Rocher, creator of Java application frameworks, including Grails. “Your day-to-day developer is exposed to the surface level of the framework, the tools, APIs, documentation of the framework, and how to use it. It’s only when the application gets pushed to production that they realize, ‘Hold on, this needs a gigabyte of memory to run,’” says Rocher. His advice for saving resources—and money.

· Adding Alexa as a Conversation Channel to your Oracle Digital Assistant Chatbot

· Serverless Image Classification with Oracle Functions and TensorFlow

· Primer: Oracle Digital Assistant

· Data Consistency Among Microservices: Is It Possible?

· Dockerized App with Java Module system, Helidon, and Alpine-Based JDK 12 EA

· New Year, New Features: Oracle Visual Builder

· Oracle Digital Assistant 18.4.3 Introduces Skill Chatbot Capability

· JDK 12 Early Access JDK 12 is in Rampdown Phase One. The final 8 JEPs are available in the JDK 12 Early Access build. Download it, try it out, and give us your feedback

· Early Access Projects You can download and test OpenJFX, project Panama, project Valhalla, & JDK Mission Control 7

· 4 Reasons Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification is Important One reason is the removal of the prerequisites for being an Oracle Certified Associate and an Oracle Certified Professional! Read the blog to learn the next 3.

· Your Guide to Getting Started With Java Certification. Designed to help you find out where to begin, what’s needed and what’s available to prepare.

· Test Your Java Knowledge Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.

· A Start to Finish Guide to Docker with Java

· How to Get Started and Develop Functions with FN Project

· Free Java Course Videos to Become a Clean Code Expert – 30 Episodes

· Implementing an Artificial Neural Network in Pure Java (No external dependencies)

· Bringing Modern Programming Languages to the Oracle Database with GraalVM

· Kubernetes Lifts Coders to New Heights In Seattle at the sold-out KubeCon 2018, a conference for those who are building cloud computing infrastructure, the vibe of everyone from entrepreneurs to rainbow-bearded engineers was one of coming together to solve planet-scale problems. What’s driving Kubernetes’ success? It represents a fundamental shift, moving away from people having to program everything machines do and toward creating machines that do tasks for machines, explained Oracle architect Kire Filipovski. What were the conference highlights?

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