Invoke Oracle Functions via REST by Ralf Mueller


This post covers invoking a Function deployed on Oracle Functions via oci-curl, an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provided bash script, which enables request signing for OCI RESTful Services.

By the time of this writing, Oracle Functions is in Limited Availability and not released yet. So below UI screen shots, fn CLI commands and Functions API’s are still subject to change.


Lets start with a simple function deployed to Oracle Functions. Oracle Functions was announced at the KubeCon 2018 conference in Seattle. Below screen shot shows an Application deployed to Oracle Functions

ccs_weather_app Application in Oracle Functions console

and one function deployed for this Application

ccs_weather_gmail Function

It is an easy exercise to invoke this function via the fn Command Line as following

> cat payload.json | fn invoke ccs_weather_app ccs_weather_gmail

where the input payload for the function is given in file payload.json

REST invocation via OCI curl
Inspect Function

So now what if we want to invoke this function via its exposed REST endpoint? First we can inspect the function to get some more details. Read the complete article here.

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