Conversational UI with Oracle Digital Assistant and Fn Project. Part III. Moving to the cloud by Eugene Fedorenko


In this post I am going to continue the story of implementing a conversational UI for FlexDeploy on top of Oracle Digital Assistant and Fn Project. Today I am going to move the serverless API working around my chatbot to the cloud, so the entire solution is working in the cloud.

The API is implemented as a set of Fn functions collected into an Fn application. The beauty of Fn is that it’s just a bunch of Docker containers that can equally run on your laptop on your local Docker engine and somewhere in the cloud. Having said that I can run my Fn application on a K8s cluster from any cloud provider as it is described here. But today is not that day. Today I am going to run my serverless API on a brand new cloud service Oracle Functions which is built on top of Fn. The service is not general available yet, but I participate in the Limited Availability program so I have a trial access to it, I can play with it and blog about it. In this solution I had to get rid of the Fn Flow implemented here and get back to my original implementation as Fn Flow is not supported by Oracle Functions yet. I hope it will be soon as this is actually the best part. Read the complete article here.

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