Creating & Invoking Business Object Functions from Visual Builder UI byShay Shmeltzer


The business object layer in Visual Builder allows you to add business logic that can implement functionality on your data layer. In this blog we are going to show you how to use such a function to iterate over a set of records in a parent/child relationship, and update a set of records in a single REST call, as well as how to invoke that function from your visual builder UI. It’s worth mentioning here that these functions can also be invoked from other applications that need access to your business services.

Our example is a master/detail Departments/Employees scenario, where we want to build an interface that will let us update the salary of all the employees in a specific department with a bonus increase. While you can do this by calling a REST Patch operation on each employee independently, a more efficient way to do this would be to expose a single function that can update all the employees. Read the complete article here.

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