Monitoring an ADF Application in a Docker Container. Easy Way by Eugene Fedorenko


In this short post I am going to show a simple approach to make sure that your ADF application running inside a Docker container is a healthy Java application in terms of memory utilization. I am going to use a standard tool JConsole which comes as a part of JDK installation on your computer. If there is a problem (i.e. a memory leak,  often GCs, long GCs, etc.) you will see it with JConsole. In an effort to analyze the root of the problem and find the solution you might want to use more powerful and fancy tools. I will discuss that in one of my following posts. A story of tuning JVM for an ADF application is available here. So there is an ADF application running on top of Tomcat. The application and the Tomcat are packaged into a Docker container running on dkrlp01.flexagon host. There are some slides on running an ADF application in a Docker container. Read the complete article here.

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