Serverless Node Function on Oracle Functions runs periodically to produce CSV report on Oracle ObjectStorage from data in ElasticSearch by Lucas Jellema


This article highlights a use case implementation I recently implemented (for a demo session) leveraging Oracle Functions as well as OKE (Oracle Kubernetes Engine), Object Storage and Elastic Search. I will briefly touch upon some of the interesting aspects of implementing this case. The code for the function and its deployment can be found in this GitHub repo: .

The next figure illustrates the story of this article: a CSV file is produced every 25 minutes on Object Storage with the Shipping records retrieved from the Elastic Search index inside the Logistics MS. This is done by an Oracle Function.

1. A CronJob on Kubernetes runs every 25 minutes.

2. It runs a container that contains the OCI Functions Java SDK and a small Java application to invoke the Function. The input to the function is passed from the CronJob to this Java application and from there to the Function (note: Oracle Functions will shortly supported scheduled execution of Functions; at that time, steps 1 and 2 in this picture are replaced with a single scheduling definition

3. The Function runs in the managed Oracle Functions FaaS environment, a serverless execution for which I only provided the (Node) code.

4. The shippings-reporter-func function invokes the Logistics microservice to retrieve today’s shipping details. This call is received on the IngressController on the Kubernetes cluster. Read the complete article here.

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