Welcoming OpenAPI 3.0 to Apiary by Kyle


I’m delighted to announce experimental support for OpenAPI 3.0 in Apiary. OpenAPI 3 is the new major version of the OpenAPI Specification, the successor to OpenAPI 2 (or formerly known as Swagger 2).

While we are not yet supporting all of the new features added OAS 3 such as callbacks and links , we’ve built a solid foundation of our parser which will allow us to incrementally roll out support for new features across our entire product line. Whether it be in our mock server, Dredd, our new documentation renderer or our API Style Guide product.

Our OpenAPI 3 parser is designed with user experience in mind. It brings significant improvements over our OpenAPI 2 parser.

Better Warning and Error Reporting

The most significant difference is the parser is able to emit much clearer warnings and errors when the OpenAPI syntax is not semantically correct. This was a large source of user frustration for our OpenAPI 2 users. With OpenAPI 2 you’d often get hard to understand warnings or errors due to the OpenAPI 2 parser relying on the JSON Schema from OpenAPI Initiative as the base of validations. JSON Schema validations often produce unclear error messages.

We’ve taken validation completely into our own hands so we can have far greater control over the user experience. Read the complete article here.

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