JET – dynamic content with templates by Anirban Mukherjee


Oracle JET gives us developers a powerful tool – knockout templates – through which we can configure an entire page, using just JavaScript object metdata. The most significant advantages of such a mechanism are re-usability and of course, ease of development.
Imagine I would like to create the below 3 forms:
To make life of developers easier, all I would want them to do is to pass the metadata (fancy name for a JavaScript object), which would contain all the information about the fields, and not worry about the UI at all. This would also ensure a consistent look and feel for the entire application.
So let’s see how such a template works. Each template has a declaration section and a definition section. In the template declaration, I would specify where in my HTML page would I want the template code to be placed. To make it a bit easier, I have wrapped up the template inside a custom component, to make repitition simpler. This is the metadata I am passing to the template in order to get the desired structure: Read the complete article here.

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