ADF Performance Monitor: Error Diagnostics


Application errors are often hard to retrieve, or take a lot of time to resolve. When you are suffering from errors, and have a lack of clarity when errors happen, you would like to have useful error diagnostics for analysis.

The ADF Performance Monitor automatically captures detailed diagnostics for each and every error/exception occurrence. You can view your errors to see the highest priority issues your team should focus on. This blog shows the renewed error overview of our newest version of the ADF Performance Monitor – with real production metrics.

Overview of Production Errors

On the overview dashboard, you can click on the errors to open the errors overview:

In this error report, you can see a complete overview of all the errors and its details including: Java Exception class, exception message, timestamp, user ID, browser, click action, component type, event type (action, fetch, query, autosubmit, e.g.), time spent in layer, managed server, e.g.:

In the chart on the top you can see all occurring errors – in this case JboExceptions, SQLExceptions, NullPointerExceptions, SQLSyntaxExceptions, RowAlreadyDeletedExceptions, ClassCastExceptions, NumberFormatExceptions, SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationExceptions, TxnValExceptions, e.g:: Read the complete article here.

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