Developer Partner Community Newsletter February 2020

Dear Developer Community,

In September 2011 we started the WebLogic Partner Community which became the Developer Partner Community. Today we distribute our hundreds newsletter. Every month we update you with the latest information about developer tools like OracleJET, VBCs, JDeveloper, ADF or conversational UIs like ODA and Application Development platforms like FN, Functions and WebLogic. Fusion Middleware is driving our road to success as part of the transformation to the Oracle Cloud Platform. Eduardo summerized the future at the Qualogy Middleware Summit.

imageWatch Dhwani Shah, Evosys how Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle integration benefits their clients. We want to promote also your customer success, submit your story via the customer reference program.

This month Phil hosts a Meetup in London with focus on JavaScript and Ruben in Madrid with focus on Content Management. You want to attend a local Oracle Developer Meetup across the world? Visit our Meetup overview page here.

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) can improve customer service quality. A great example is a live agent demo for service cloud by the Fishbowl team. The series of bootcamps to innovate SaaS with Oracle Digital Assistant are booked out. Registration is open for additional locations including Utrecht, Reston, Riyadh, Sao Paulo, Delhi and Mumbai. In case you can’t attend one of our in-class workshops take a look at the complete end-to-end training material to understand how to get started with ODA on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Thanks to the community for all the excellent mobile & development tool articles: QUT Digital Assistant Pilot Supports Student Admission Enquiries & Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant with Oracle Rest Data Service (ORDS) & Integrating the Oracle Digital Assistant Web SDK Messenger to Oracle JET web applications & Tutorial Oracle Digital Assistant Native SDK for Web/JavaScript & Managing Users for Oracle Digital Assistant in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure & Using Regular Expression Validators in Visual Builder & JDeveloper Exposing Custom Methods from ADFbc ViewObjects to REST API.

Kubernetes becomes the standard for cloud native applications. A container can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Launch WebLogic on a Kubernetes cluster and use using the WebLogic Operator to control your environment. Java EE workload can be deployed to Microservices using Helidon. Want to try it? Here are the WebLogic and Microservice Labs! Thanks to the community for all the excellent cloud native development and WebLogic articles: My WebLogic on Kubernetes cheatsheet part 1 & Run Oracle WebLogic on Azure Kubernetes Service & Configure WebLogic policies and actions using WLST & Scheduling Oracle Cloud Function execution & API Gateway Deployment Patterns & Oracle Cloud API Gateway – Using an Authorizer Function for Client Secret Authorization on API Access.

For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The February edition highlights free cloud trial for you as a partner and hands-on chatbot & integration trainings for SaaS partners. This month’s community webcast will be an update on Human Capital Management Integration by Niall Commiskey. Join our PaaS Partner Community Webcast February 26th 2020.

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Developer newsletter February 2020

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