Top 10 Things To Do With GraalVM by Chris Seaton


There are a lot of different parts to GraalVM, so if you’ve heard the name before, or even seen some of our talks, there are for sure things that it can do that you don’t know about yet. In this article we’ll list some of the diverse features of GraalVM and show you what they can do for you.

· 1. High-performance modern Java

· 2. Low-footprint, fast-startup Java

· 3. Combine JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and R

· 4. Run native languages on the JVM

· 5. Tools that work across all languages

· 6. Extend a JVM-based application

· 7. Extend a native application

· 8. Java code as a native library

· 9. Polyglot in the database

· 10. Create your own language

You can reproduce everything that I’m showing in this article with GraalVM 19.0.0, which is available today from I’m using the Enterprise Edition on macOS, which is free to evalute as we’re doing here, but the instructions will also work on Linux. Most of them will also work with the Community Edition. Read the complete article here.

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