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Simplifying Cloud Native Development This spring Oracle plans to deliver more tools for cloud native development, networking, and security that developers can use to write containerized applications. Microservices and containers make it faster and simpler to add new features to an application, because developers need to change and test only portions of their code, not the entire application. Learn more about this offering.

How the Cloud Is Powering Deep Science Scientific workloads have been slow to move to the cloud, but that’s starting to change. Public clouds are more likely to have the newest, most powerful CPU and graphics processing chips, as vendors continually add new hardware to their data centers. CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is investigating the use of Oracle cloud services to monitor data from its massive collider. Oracle’s new offering.

JDK 13 Early Access Builds The proposed schedule has been announced with the general release date for September 17th, 2019. Check out the progress of this release on OpenJDK website

Announcing the NEW Java SE 11 Developer Certification Learning modular programming, precise and secure coding management and all the latest new features and functionality in Java SE 11. Learn how to prepare to become certified as an Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 11 Developer!

Integration Testing for Java EE and MicroProfile Applications with Testcontainers

Helidon: A Simple Cloud Native Framework

Future of the Java programming language: Three Major Projects on the Horizon

Top 6 Best Books for Learning Java Programming

On the Highway to Helidon This program digs into Project Helidon with a panel that consists of people who are actively engaged in the project, and community leaders who have used Helidon in development projects and have also organized Helidon-focused Meet-Ups.

Making First Contact: Building Chatbots with Oracle Digital Assistant: A Technical Primer Useful for anyone looking to get an idea of what Oracle Digital Assistant is, how to build skills, how to extract entities, and how to route between skills. As presented at Oracle Code Berlin

Automating DevSecOps for Java Apps with Oracle Developer Cloud Want to improve your application’s security? Automating vulnerability reporting helps to prevent attacks that leverage known security problems in code that you use. In this video Shay Shmeltzer shows you how to achieve this with Oracle’s Developer Cloud.

Kube Eagle on ORACLE Kubernetes Engine | Saiyam Pathak

Oracle ERP Extension with Visual Builder Cloud Service | John Ceccarelli

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