Helping Users With a List-of-Values of Most Popular Choices While Retaining the Conversational Message Style in Chatbot Interactions by Frank Nimphius


One of the key factors of a successful digital assistant is to make it easy for the user to make the right choices and stay on the “happy path”.  Consider the example of booking a flight.  If you know the user nearly always travels to the same two or three airports then wouldn’t it make sense to present those common choices up front.

The user can simply select the correct option rather than typing in the airport name.  Of course, you still want to give the flexibility that they can free-type in any possible airport, but you want to make sure it’s a valid airport!

Or another common example when inputting expenses – maybe most of the time your expense currency is EUR, USD or GBP – so those might be the options you see up front but you should still be able to select any other valid currency

In this article I’ll show you how you how to easily present a list of common entity choices to the user, but still allow a natural language input which is validated as a valid value.

Below screenshots taken from the sample you can download for this article illustrate the use case. A user starts a conversation with a bot. The bot then displays three destination it recognizes as a user preference. Read the complete article here.

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