How to Build a Webhook to Connect Your Oracle Digital Assistant to Google Home by Michael Wootton


Let’s assume you built a chatbot using Oracle Digital Assistant and you’ve exposed it on various messengers and Alexa too. A next step then could be to connect your chatbot to Google Home.

I did research this topic quite a lot but couldn’t find anything complete describing how to do this using Google Actions on Google API version 2. So, what has started as a research, eventually has become an opportunity for me to write a comprehensive guide to integrate Oracle Digital Assistant with Google Home.

Following this article, you learn how to build a webhook, how to create an Action on Google, how to create a channel in Oracle Digital Assistant and how to use Goggle sign-in (account linking) to access user information from Google.

Note that because I live in Brazil, a requirement was to build chatbots in more than one language (English, Spanish and Portuguese). Therefore I built the webhook to be able to call two different channels, each calling a different language optimized skill. Read the complete article here.

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