Filtering List Results from a REST Service with Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


I posted several blogs in the past that covered how to us the filterCriterion property of a service data provider (SDP) in order to filter the results you see in a table or a list including how to use compound conditions for advance filtering. This works great with REST services that are exposed on the business objects you created in Visual Builder, but if you’ll try and use this filterCriterion approach with other REST services, you’ll notice it doesn’t work out of the box. In this blog I’ll show another approach to filtering REST services that populate a service data provider.

First, a bit of explanation on what’s going on behind the scenes when using the filter criteria. If you’ll monitor the REST calls used with filter criteria, you’ll notice that it generates a URL parameter that will look something like ?q=dname=’Marketing’ . Basically the filter criteria generates a URL parameter called q and formats your conditions correctly for that parameter.The REST services we expose on business objects know how to parse and use this q parameter (read more about the q parameter and its query capability here). Filtering is done on the server side, and the records that match the condition are returned to the client. Read the complete article here.

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