Custom Log Parser in OMC Log Analytics to deal with Extended Logging in WebLogic Access Log by Lucas Jellema


We recently enabled Extended HTTP Access Logging on our WebLogic Managed Servers. This adds the average response times and potentially several other valuable values to the WebLogic Access Log files. Unfortunately, the WebLogic Access Log file parser in Oracle Management Cloud Log Analytics does not know how to handle the Extended Log File Format (ELFF) that is now used for formatting the log files. As a result, no structured analysis can be performed on the access log files: OMC does not get a URI, nor an action or status code nor the response time.

It is my strong opinion that OMC Log Analytics should provide a parser for the ELFF format and should automatically recognize the fact that WebLogic Access Log files are produced in that format.

However, I can have any opinion in the world, that does not alter the capabilities of OMC Log Analytics right here and now. So, hands on the keyboard and create my own workaround. Which turns out to be not very challenging at all. OMC LA allows me to define custom log parsers that can be associated with specific files harvested by the Log Analytics agent from designated entities. Once I have defined a parser that can interpret the ELFF format, I simply associate a log source based on that parser with the access log files on the WebLogic Managed Servers that have extended logging switched on. Let me show you how that works. Read the complete article here.

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