Oracle Finds Its AI-Powered Voice by Suhas Uliyar


These are exciting times for those of us who are working in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) space.

Take Voice Assistants as an example. In the consumer world, voice assistants have gone from “the next best thing” to ubiquitous household items. We turn to these voice devices at our homes to get the weather forecast, listen to our favorite tunes, find out the latest in news, play trivia, or simply to entertain ourselves. All this while we are acutely aware that at the end of the day, it is simply a machine. It is nowhere near the capacity of a human mind to be able to process complex statements let alone switch gears from one topic to the other and making sense of it all. Plus, there’s the fact that it is recording our private conversations! But convenience outweighs even our hesitation due to privacy concerns.

In the enterprise world, however, such security breaches are a non-starter! So, how do we drive an intelligent Voice Assistant for an enterprise – enabling it to analyze enterprise specific and domain specific vocabulary that the open domain models are not trained with? Make voice, user interactions become more expressive that requires the voice assistant to process even the more complex queries, deriving intelligence from all available enterprise resources and respond in context to the request made? And more importantly, how do we avoid the security and privacy issues that we are seeing with most of the current consumer-grade voice assistants today? Watch the free on-demand webcast here.

For partners the webcast material is available:

· Presentation from the webcast

· Demo video comparing Oracle Digital Assistant with Alexa/Google, et al

· Demo video: using AI-Voice with CRM

Please use the material to update your customer base.

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