Handling small talk in your chatbot with Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius


Experience has shown that whilst you might invest considerable effort in training your chatbot to handle requests from users about your business domain intents, much of the traffic to a public chatbot is what we generally regard as small talk.  “Are you a bot”, “tell me joke”, “Do you like football”. For right or wrong, the success of your bot is, in part, measured by how it handles ALL possible interactions:  even the ones in which the user is being deliberately challenging! This article and sample provide a smalltalk skill whose job is exclusively to understand these small talk topics.

How does it work

The concept is very simple and easy to extend to meet your own business requirements.  The example proves a main skill (link GR_SmallTalkMainSkill) and a secondary smalltalk skill (link GR_SmalltalkSkill). The main skill represents the primary business skill and for the purposes of the example has two business intents: one for ordering pizza the other for banking.

The smalltalk skill contains only intents and utterances which relate to the small talk topics to be handled. Read the complete article here.

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