Storing Image Files in Your Database from a Visual Builder App by Shay Shmeltzer


The business objects in Oracle Visual Builder let you store textual data, but what if you need to store some binary data such as images? You’ll need to find a separate location to store those. Oracle has various solutions for this including the storage cloud and the content and experience cloud, in this blog we’ll show you how to do this using Oracle ATP Database (or any other Oracle DB).

The concept is simple, you create a table with a Blob type column in your DB, in that column you are going to store the images. You now need to expose that table through a REST service – and call that REST service from your Visual Builder app to load the images. In your Visual Builder app you can have a business object where one of the fields will contain the URL that is used to fetch the image back. In the video demo below I show you how to build this solution.

The Database Part – ATP+ORDS

I’m using an ORDS based module that exposes the get and post methods on the table. Blain Carter pointed me to this tutorial that covers creating the table and the ORDS interfaces. A couple of tips as you work through the tutorial: Read the complete article here.

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