Leveraging the Q Parameter to Filter Tables with In Clause by Shay Shmeltzer


The business objects created by Visual Builder expose a powerful REST service interface that includes the ability to use complex query conditions to filter the list of records they return. This is done using the q parameter as described here. In the current version of Visual Builder we didn’t expose a design time access to the q parameter and rather provided an abstraction through the filterCriteria approach for defining queries. This saves you from the need to learn SQL syntax for queries – and generates the q parameter for you.

But you can actually use the q parameter directly as well – passing it as one of the uri parameters when you call the GET REST method. This can be useful for example when you want a more complex query condition. For example if you want to use the SQL in clause – something like “Where name in (‘joe’, ‘dave’, ‘jane’)”.

In the video below I show how to modify the q parameter and pass it into your ServiceDataProbvider definition so it will modify the query populating a table. I’m using a bit of JavaScript to create the needed query syntax (surrounding values with ‘ , and adding the SQL syntax at the start). The code I use is: Read the complete article here.

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