Adding Offline Capabilities to an Oracle Visual Builder App by Shay Shmeltzer


Visual Builder allows you to create applications that can continue to function even when your device is disconnected from the network. To do that Visual Builder leverages the Oracle JET offline persistence toolkit. This toolkit enables your application to cache data on the client and serves it back from the cache when you are issuing the same REST call but your device doesn’t have access to the server. It also allows you to “execute” operations such as adding records while offline – storing those requests on the client again – and then automate replaying them back when you are connected.

In the demo video below I show how to add some of these capabilities to your application. It’s important to note that adding offline capabilities requires knowledge in JavaScript coding and an understanding of the offline toolkit. This is not a simple drag and drop operation – so approach carefully. Leverage the extensive logging that the offline persistence can do and monitor it’s messages in the browser’s dev tools console to see what is happening when. In the video you’ll also see how to clear the cache on the client which is sometimes needed to see the real functionality. Read the complete article here.

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