Tab Index with PanelFormLayout by Anirban Mukjerejee


This article talks about an interesting use case of JavaScript in ADF faces – the tab index.
By default when we use a panel-form-layout in ADF faces, the default behaviour of the cursor on tab is to go the next element as defined inside your panel-form-layout xml metadata.
So for a layout with 4 rows and 2 columns, the default cursor travel behaviour is something like this:
But what if I need a traverse pattern like this:
One not-so-simple and tedious way would be to to rearrange the items inside the form-layout. But for a large and complex form that is not an ideal option, and obviously that is not the solution I am planning to provide.
A simpler alternative would be to write a small JavaScript client-listener method, which would take 2 arguments – the previous item and the next item – and depending on these 2 values, it would find the item to focus on. The previous element option would be used when the user wants to go in the reverse direction with SHIFT+TAB. Each item in the panel-form-layout would have this client-listener. Read the complete article here.

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