Helidon Supports GraalVM for Native Executable Applications by Michael Redlich


Shortly after the release of Helidon 1.0, Oracle announced Helidon support for GraalVMthat converts Helidon applications to native executable code via the native-imageutility.

Originally named J4C (Java for Cloud) and first introduced in September 2018, Helidonwas designed to be simple and fast, and is comprised of two versions: Helidon SE and Helidon MP. Helidon SE features three core APIs — a web server, configuration, and security — for building microservices-based applications. An application server is not required. Helidon MP MicroProfile 1.2 for building microservices-based applications with the supported MicroProfile APIs.

GraalVM, created by Oracle Labs, is a polyglot virtual machine and platform that may be integrated into Helidon applications. GraalVM is comprised of Graal, a just-in-time compiler written in Java, SubstrateVM, a framework that allows ahead-of-time compilation of Java applications into executable images, and Truffle, an open-source toolkit and API for building language interpreters.

Only Helidon SE applications may take advantage of GraalVM due to the use of reflection in CDI 2.0 (JSR 365), a core MicroProfile API. Therefore, Oracle Labs decided not to include GraalVM support for Helidon MP. Read the complete article here.

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