Tired Of Apps? Try Implementing Digital Assistants by Gustavo Gonzalez Figueroa


Let me start with a few questions. How many applications do you have on your smartphone? Which one do you use the most? On average, based on current surveys , Americans spend more than five hours a day on their phones. Their top two apps are Facebook and Instagram. I have more than 100 apps on my phone, and my most used ones are instant messenger apps, such as Whatsapp, which seems to be the top messaging app for users worldwide .

Today, the smartphone is the most important means of personal communication, and it is transforming into an identity-verification tool because every consumer owns a mobile device.

Everything Has Changed

We have an app for pretty much anything we do: using the bank, renting cars, booking planes, browsing hotels and parking your car — you name it. It has led some people to feel a bit of app burnout. This fatigue of applications has urged companies to look for alternatives for their customers. One of the most adopted solutions for this problem is a digital assistant or a voice assistant. Read the complete article here.

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