Follow Best Practices By Keeping External Configurations Out of Your Dialog Flow by Frank Nimphius


In particular, when working with custom components or webviews (also known as Instant Apps), you may need to add external system configurations, such as server URLs, tokens, Oracle Identity Cloud service, Oracle Digital Assistant instance URL, and more.

Of course, you can directly set these dependencies in the dialog flow (BotML) when defining the dialog flow state that references a custom component or webview. However, this has an impact to reuse of skills, and certainly would not follow best practices. As an example, when cloning a skill or when loading a skill from the skill store (a Fusion App feature only at current), you would need to be aware of and know how to find the code lines to change in the BotML code.

Instead, Oracle Digital Assistant Best Practices is to use custom skill parameters that help you keep external dependencies out of the dialog flow code, and also clarify where the configuration needs to be set and what values to enter.

Some time ago, I recorded a 2-minute TechTip video about custom skill parameters. In the video I focused on global parameters that also display in Oracle Digital Assistant, giving digital assistant developers the option to enforce a consistent user experience and consistent skill behavior. Watch the video here if you are interested: Read the complete article here.

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