How to call OIC REST API in VBCS (VBCS -> OIC) by Ankur Jain


In this article, I’m going to show a beautiful use case which I encounter in my project. In this article, I’ll show how to call OIC REST service from VBCS.

Some useful links

Basics of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Services

Create a simple web application: Visual Builder Cloud Service(VBCS)

In this article, we will execute the below use case:

  • Create an OIC REST service which accepts the file, JSON payload(First Name, Last Name) as input parameters and returns the JSON response(Greeting)
  • Create Service connection in VBCS application which is used to call REST API
  • Create a webpage in VBCS which will have text box (First Name, Last Name), file picker and Submit button
  • Call the OIC REST API on button click and pass the input parameter in the REST service which is entered from VBCS page

Let us move forward and see how to achieve this

OIC REST service in Oracle Integration

Considering we already have an OIC REST service as below: Read the complete article here.

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