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· Tech Dive: Creating Chatbots That Are Less Robotic Conversations between people and chatbots often sound stilted. One technique to help fix this? Alternating how your bot responds so the conversation feels more vivid and natural. Here, follow hands-on instructions to create such responses with Oracle Digital Assistant.

· Functions as a Service: Evolution, Use Cases, and Getting Started by Akshai Parthasarathy

· Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by Jeff Davies

· How to Use Webviews to Integrate Calls to Remote Web Applications in Oracle Digital Assistant Skill Conversations by Frank Nimphius

· Oracle Functions: Invoking Functions Automatically With Cloud Events by Todd Sharp

· Upload Documents in an Oracle Digital Assistant Conversation with Messengers like Facebook or the Oracle JavaScript Client SDK by Frank Nimphius

· Functions and Events: Managed Services for Conquering Complexity by Bob Quillin

· Helidon Brings MicroProfile 2.2+ Support by Dmitry Kornilov

· Oracle Forms 12c VM Image for OCI by Michael Ferrante

· New Features in Oracle Developer Cloud – July 2019 by Shay Shmeltzer

· Oracle Launches Four New Cloud Regions Across Four Continents At Oracle OpenWorld 2018, Oracle committed to making its cloud platform available in all major geographies where its customers work. This year Oracle has already launched data centers in Toronto, Tokyo, and Seoul; just now launched a region in Mumbai; and will shortly be going live in São Paulo, Sydney, and Zurich. New regions give customers access to the unique self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database and much more

· Announcing GraalVM 19.1.1 This release is available as Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). The standard bundle can run Java either via OpenJDK (Java 8u222) or OracleJDK (Jave SE 8u221) and standalone.

· Apache NetBeans 11.1 released This is the first release outside the Apache Incubator and the first release of the new quarterly release cycle.

· Oracle Functions Now Generally Available Functions enable developers to build cloud-native applications by focusing on writing code rather than managing infrastructure

· Coherence Operator 1.0 is now available! Operate Coherence Clusters with Kubernetes Coherence provides a shared cache, and its inherent dynamic scalability aligns with Kubernetes-based deployments of microservices architectures.

· libgraal: GraalVM Compiler as a Precompiled GraalVM Native Image

· Developing Microservices on Oracle Cloud with GraalVM and Micronaut

· Functions as a Service: Evolution, Use Cases, and Getting Started

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