Navigation between pages in Oracle VB CS application by Ankur Jain


While developing a web site it is common to have multiple pages and navigate between from one page to another on some event. This is called navigation between pages. In VBCS application each pages are part of at-least one flow. A flow named  main and a page named main-start is created by default when we create an application. The main flow and its nested flows can each contain multiple pages.

Let’s move ahead and see how to create navigation between pages.

Create VBCS web application

Create a VBCS application with name NavigationApp and Web application under this with name navwebapp. As I mentioned earlier, each VBCS web application comes with default flow(main) and page(main-start).

Open the main-start page and drop the Heading activity from the component pallet on page. Change the text as “Create Account” and change level to h2 using slider bar. Read the complete article here.

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