How to call OIC REST API in VBCS (VBCS -> OIC) by Ankur Jain


In this article, I’m going to show a beautiful use case which I encounter in my project. In this article, I’ll show how to call OIC REST service from VBCS.

Some useful links

Basics of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Services

Create a simple web application: Visual Builder Cloud Service(VBCS)

In this article, we will execute the below use case:

  • Create an OIC REST service which accepts the file, JSON payload(First Name, Last Name) as input parameters and returns the JSON response(Greeting)
  • Create Service connection in VBCS application which is used to call REST API
  • Create a webpage in VBCS which will have text box (First Name, Last Name), file picker and Submit button
  • Call the OIC REST API on button click and pass the input parameter in the REST service which is entered from VBCS page
  • Read the complete article here.

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